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Siam Paper Laminates Co., Ltd.

de One Laminate is a brand under Siam Paper Laminates Co., Ltd. Strategically located in Bangkok, Thailand. In our new factory facilities, we are equipped with the most advanced technologies from Japan and Germany. Full production line that starts from resin manufacturing to pressing of the high pressure laminates. SPL has more than 500 Stock Designs & Colours for your needs. 




With our own in-house resin manufacturing plant, we are able to ensure full control of the resin formula. Our melamine impregnation lines has a capacity to produce 5 million square meters of melamine decor papers per month. And our brand new phenolic impregnation line has a capacity to produce 2.5 million square meters of phenolic craft per month. With our 15 daylight Dieffenbacher laminate press machines, we are able to manufacture 160,000 sheets of laminates per month. The laminates are trimmed 4 sides with our fully automatic trimming machine, and with the most advanced sanding facility, we are able to keep our accuracy of thicknesses and sizes under 0.02mm of tolerance. 


SPL is fully committed to producing the highest quality of high pressure laminates. That is why we have insisted that all our Laminates are made with 100% virgin pulp craft imported from Europe and the USA, with each and every layer of the phenolic craft impregnated with pure phenolic resin. With a professional QC laboratory team, we have strict regulation and monitoring of the laminates produced, to ensure that all our laminates are strictly complied with the EN438 Global Standard. 

At Siam Paper Laminates, we are committed to quality, we are committed to flexibility and productivity. We strive to serve each and every one of our customers’ unique needs. If you are looking for the best quality supplier of high pressure laminates, with Siam Paper Laminates, you can be rest assured to having a complete peace of mind.

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